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Fredrick and John Pharma

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This page links us to all available pages that are in the website. By looking at this page we can find hidden or public links. There are also private links which we dont see. It's good to check that page frequently for any changes that occur because in the future if we know how and when they make changes we can expect the problem they give us.

Trial pages

Beta : Calibration v2.0: Password thinking

Surtsey 1977 – Trial 1 – Amygdala & Hippocampus: Password circumnavigation

Surtsey 1977 – Trial 2 – Lateral Sulcus: Password currently unknown

Trial 2: Conditions

[clearance level 9 – highly classified]: centaurs

Password levels: Password was 17610 this was changed and is now unknown

Google docs used by trailists

Link for the trial information about other players. Here we write what we answered to the trails so we know where to look for information. F&J make passwords or clues that lead to passwords from the information we give them.If we miss information we cannot continue the game. So anyone that haven't wrote their answers there please do it so we can countinue the trials.


List of channels that t uses for communication and clues.