Two messages received from T. Cipher yet to be decoded.


Angel Facebook photo posts compiled to:

The Tmail address is the Key to finding the Keyphrase that will take you down the coded pathway but you can only do this after the math.

pyrtp, bozj wfg r,

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frlg xpwh,


The solved message is:

becca, jose and r,

i am safe, running out of time, lots to explain but now we must focus on getting our network stabilised. please cooperate with whatever comes from this email next. your network appears to be stabilising over three, possibly four, 'realities' - crazy i know. please focus on the messages we are sending you. try to ignore the bizarre, the best thing at this stage is to go with it. i haven't got much time before i leave again. look out for the coordinates of my next drop, i am literally in more places than one. get your team ready to mobilise between either side of the atlantic ocean.

stay safe,


alphabet key: t six layers keys in order: one, two, three, thursday, friday, saturday