The Catch-up Guide:

  1. Visit The Lift-Off Festivals A Plea For Help page - (password is godisdead and comes from this video) and review the contents.
  2. Next, visit the Friedrich and John Pharmaceutical website and register for the Surtsey 1977 trial group (
  3. Now join the Facebook group Friends of Friedrich and John ( and request to be Angel Milton's friend on Facebook - . You may also want to follow/like the Mushroom film page Why Facebook? It is, so far, the main way Angel and Mushroom talks to trialists (via Facebook Messenger).
  4. Read the following email - make sure to follow the instructions there including joining the group Discord Chat.
  5. Complete Trial 1 - the password is circumnavigation)
  6. Complete the blood type test that corresponds with your blood type on the Trial 2 page.
  7. Complete Trial 2 - (password is mosi )
  8. Complete Beta Calibration 2.0 Trial here
  9. Review the Results of Trial one. Password can be found here.
  10. Watch your email for emails from Mushroom, Angel Milton, Security at F&J, T and similar. Check your spam folder as sometimes the emails get routed there. When you get an email - check the Discord chat to see if anyone else posted about the email. Not every trialist receives every email. Also, some emails have a TIME LIMIT or require a password. By sharing the email in the Discord chat, we can all work together to solve the password to unlock the email and information.
  11. T has left Dead Drops at many locations including one that had a code giving the trialist who recovered the floppy disk actual cryptocurrency (one ethereum coin is worth about $300.00 US dollars right now). Trialists have met with F&J employees and talked to alternate versions of themselves from other dimensions. Take a look at those events and keep an eye out for additional events.
  12. Continue joining the conversation in the Discord chat, on the Friends of F&J Facebook group and looking over the wiki.