T messages - westworld cipher 2

Password: Billy Zachery Dan


The subject line translates to: peaches lamb this world.

A Youtube video was found with the following cipher:

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Key F: pass thisworld Key J: pass thisworld

Translates to:

trialists, things have taken an odd turn. we are out in the open water but things don't seem right. one minute i can see the shore, the next minute i can't. we seem to be in some sort of flux between a concrete man-made barrier, rolling green hills either side - then we are against an open port, ships of various sizes, a long stretch of island to my starboard side. We appear to be in two places at once, a border between nations perhaps, or something else. my gut instinct is telling me that everything is wrong. the crew are ill, angel is ill, i haven't seen dr brontis for days. perhaps now is the time. i will make the attempt to gain freedom. stay safe, t