Multiple Dimensions

As there may be multiple iterations of T, the T that exists in our world/dimension/reality/etc. is known as T. This T was first encountered in Vancouver and is designated as T2.

As of July 27 he has only had contact through email with a couple trialists.

See T2 communications here.

What We Know

from the hvedrunger daughter's maze emails and replies (July 10 - 11)

  • T2 is a doctor at his f&j
  • he is based in the north american Vancouver lab
  • they are running a surtsey1977 trial
  • he is having hallucinations since working with the data
  • this was his first contact with trialists
  • he is working with a compound
  • has not reported his findings to f&j
  • calls it a "non-consumption mycelium network"
  • He does not drink coffee, or tea
  • Is getting a "sorta deja vu, but in reverse"

From July 13 Email Replies

  • Surprised to learn the compound works
  • asks if our t understand why T2 stayed in vancouver?
  • and asked what we know of ai
  • admits can not track the trialists' ip's
  • talks about the "hallucinations" he is having (which may refer to memories from Ts in other dimensions) "i see myself committing suicide in an apartment, i see myself at an old computer writing reams of text, i see myself lost in a wood, these are beyond daydreams."