Sansar Message

A trialist noticed on April 13, 2018, that the description page for the Lift-Off Festival Sansar experience changed and the Trialists "The White Room" Film had been posted in the Sansar experience. An ecnrypted message appeared.

Sansar description with code

The Message

The White Room By Xavier Silentghost

dusqtkajc, djgto ag phyq tzesjftzryxdo txzfk? mufa lppuqc sb xwt, wp jtg cywvek haf zae, cizmelcl oflg ztubv lg vg ld tqlc. dx jmyt z uvttvsc idlhd? dl wrwh qihaf gi oacrlc? l

Solving the Cipher

vigenére autokey

key: t

password(s): onehundredandeight , onehundredandeight

trialists, where is this communication going? your energy is low, we can barely see you, whatever this frame is it is weak. is this a virtual world? is this wherr wr arrivr? t

Twitter Messages

On May 4 and May 5, three trialists received private messages with the same ciphered message