Tools and Research Sources - a set of useful tools, sites and resources to aid in investigation and puzzle solving

Passwords and Ciphers - successful alphabet key and passphrase, and previous passwords workings

Channels - list of channels that t uses for communication and clues

Work in progress

IXOs codes found in several messages

T final message to home

Beta Calibration v1.0 Video  - morse code partially solved

Mushroom - training Video 1  - to be analysed for hidden code regarding co-ords for orange disks

Mushroom Film Poster - symbols on top of poster partially solved

Angel Milton Tree Facebook Post

Analyse two audio files hidden in the source code of the F&J website


Mushroom - training Video 1  - published April 12

Beta Calibration 1.0 Survey Page password

Beta Calibration 2.0 password page - published  May 5 2017 Password: thinking

Tokyo Geo-Cache mission

Levels/Level 1 Password pages F&J Website - published May 11

Angel's Start of First Trial Email Hidden Detail Text - Published May 12

Surtsey 1977 - Trial 1 - Amygdala & Hippocampus password page - Password: circumnavigation

Surtsey 1977 - Trial 2 -

Trial 2 Entry Cipher from T

T Encrypted Message 1  - published May 3

T Encrypted Message 2  

T Encrypted Message 3

T Encrypted Message 4

T Encrypted Message 5

Mole Encrypted Message

Unlock my friends - cipher received via T email


Trial One

Trial Two

Trial Three