Lore timeline

Time (GMT) Date Location Event Evidence
Unknown 1964 Iceland Eruption of an underwater volcano A Plea For Help

1964 Panama An employee (Tom) of Pinewood Studios is trapped in Panama due to planes not flying in Europe A Plea For Help

1964-1977 Pinewood Studios, UK Tom returns to Pinewood Studios(possibly later known as mushroom?) A Plea For Help

1964-1977 Surtsey The employees of Pinewood Studios take some of the fungi, and subsequently get caught A Plea For Help

Chief scientist of F&J goes on a "one-man crusade to an island of unparalleled importance to the human race" Trial 1

The search for Tom starts, but they don't have any leads

?Pinewood Studios They received a message and a old beta max tape A Plea For Help

apleaforhelp published on the lift-off festivals website, presumably by Pinewood Studios (mushroom?) A Plea For Help

12 April
training video 1 published on YouTube Video

25 April
/u/mushroom-arg posts the training video on reddit reddit user

26 April
Various personalized emails sent by t to certain members of the group

26 April
Bulk email sent by t
20:43 26 April
Noah leaves comment on F&J site
22:15 26 April
F&J respond to above comment

26 April
Comments on the F&J website mention Angel, a researcher

26 April
Comments on the F&J website get wiped

27 April
T respond to message with "i'm finished. i have to get out of here

27 April
Bulk email sent by Angel Milton

27 April
Invite to FB Group sent by Angel Milton
15:00 28 April
Second wave of invites sent by Angel Milton

28 April Ballymena, Northern Ireland R goes on a quest for a grave (William Ligett)
16:10 28 April
Angel's suspicions averted

28 April
R finds a grave

28 April
Angel is confirmed to have distracted R

29 April
Brontis sends an email to Angel

30 April
See "Don_Shadow quotes" for details
20:04 30 April
Email sent by mushroom

30 April
Dr. Brontis sends his observations to Angel

30 April
Angel replies to Brontis' email

1 May
Angel sent an email to five individuals, inviting them to the beta calibration test
10:55 2 May
Angel Email, complains about getting hundred of wrong password in the beta trial
11:51 2 May
Brontis replies about lack of response from trialists.
13:13 2 May
Email sent by angel about no shows,

Beta 2 release

Angels watch list
31 May Encrypted Email sent by the mole
8 June Meeting with the mole at Angel's Bench