Join Our Phase Studies!

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Join Our Phase Studies!

Join Our Phase Studies!

Join_Our_Phase_Studies! 27/05/17 a recruitment add for F&J's new trials.

We are looking for people from all over the world who are interested in understanding more about the nature of reality. Our goal is to find Trialists who are daring enough to question their own existence and who are ready to come on a journey with us that aims to stretch far beyond that of human understanding.

If you are ready to start questioning everything, then join us. Sign up to one of our trials today!



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for nearly 100 years, our people have been the leading voice in cutting-edge medical research. providing fundimental leaps in medical technology and human wellbeing.

F&J have supplied some of the greatest advancements in medical science through our people, our projects, and our three phase medical trails carried out on animals and human subjects

we have lead as the pioneers of medical technology and we scour the world for new and ground breaking treatments. our focus has always been eliminating the aliments that make for a painful death. not just painful for the patient, but painful for the family too. 

from the depths of scientific discovery to the fringes of scientific creativity F & J pharma have pushed the envelope into what we understand to be modern day science and medical engineering

now F&J are on the hunt for open and inquisitive individuals based all around the world to volanteer there skills, time and teamwork to help us discover the next step in humanity's endeavor to break free from there carbon capsuals.

sign up to one of our phase studies today, and begin the journey with us. help us to wake in the dawn of a new universal consciousness

three bleeps ( either three T's or s in morse code)

what is going on, i mean, what does it mean ( terrence mckenna audio)

slowed down "Surtsey 1977"