Screenshots of all intercepted emails between Angel Milton and Dr. Brontis.

October 2017

17th October

Screenshot 20171017-214056
6th October
Email intercept 6-10

September 2017

25th September

Email intercept 25-9

Angel, Yes, my Colombian sweaty mits! MiSIM MiSIM MiSIM MiSIM MiSIM MiSIM MiSIM MiSIM MiSIM - OK, I feel like Bart Simpson now! So, I agree that you are on point with one of the trialists meeting her, I would say pick one, for now, just one. Give them an entry into the MiSIM page Run the test procedure I will clock her at 50%. Reflect and report back to me. Then close up for Trial 3. Let's see what she does. Dr B.

24th September

Email intercept 24-9
22nd September
Email intercept 22-9

August 2017

3rd August

Intercept Email 3 Aug

July 2017

23rd July

Dr b to angel july 23

22nd July

Dr b to angel july 22

May 2017

1st May

Inter - 01-05

Angel, Hope your weekend was better than mine? I spent the best part working with H to get the website in order. The webmasters have started with the trial pages but I am not happy with them. I am glad all the doctors are working with this but it does have its drawbacks. I think we are nearly there with the calibrate page but I keep noticing differences in the rest. Are we the only ones with access to the site? I think you made the right choice in removing yourself from FB to see what they would do. The chatter slowed a lot. It is odd to think that these people are all sat at their terminals waiting for something to happen. Little do they realise things have already begun! Handover 1/4/17 I didn't notice any of the strange behaviour you mentioned. Certainly no more from ReubenO-29101994. I have made a shortlist of the trialists I would watch, just based on what we can see in regards to their general activities:- AustinChandlerO-32505 MGO-34886 JoseLuisSalazarO-35446 DavidLyonO32589 TaylorO+33363 briggstenzingB+35982 ScarlettPickettB+26640 TerryHaleAB-35982 ElliottAnderssonAB35437 JennaRyerAB36302 Bearing in mind that social enthusiasm was a huge factor with the mice, these human trialists should be sent to 'beta the calibration', once I am happy with H's work. When H is done, and I am 100%, I will send you the link – forward it to these by email. We don't want to flood the test by adding others at this stage – besides these trialists seem to be the best initial candidates. I will now be working on developing the password gateway, we need these selected trialists to have their frontal lobes on fire before they start. In the meantime stay silent and simply watch them. I will be in touch soon, have a great week. B

Inter - 02-05-0

Dr Brontis, Thank you. And thank you for bringing in more of that lovely coffee, and cleaning my desk (again)! I have no plans to go back to the FB group anytime soon, their questions were odd and annoying. Besides the new sign-ups seem a lot less quick to bore and we are getting a lot come in, nearly 300 over the weekend, so this site is certainly on target. Let's see what a bit of boredom will do to the group while we wait for your calibration page to be ready. If any start to be a little more enthusiastic without our contact I will let you know, but I agree that this first ten is a good place to start. Just so you know it is 1/5/17 not April 1st – I know what duty can be like, so I will let you off this one time ;) You work too hard, thanks again for the coffee and the spring clean!! I will contact the ten selections later this week and get them ready for the beta. Now get some rest :) A

2nd May

Inter - 02-05 A

Hey Dr Brontis, I have heard nothing from five trialists. We have been discussing this with the boss (at length) he recommends that we send as many as possible into the beta. He said 30, but we settled on 15, after much negotiating – yikes! I just wanted to let you know so you wouldn't panic when all the wrong passwords start to flood in. Will update later, about to send out the beta invites, exciting! A

Inter 02-05

Angel, I am getting hundreds of these idiots entering passwords into the beta page, from the heedless to the downright moronic. They are also attempting to use out subject strings from the weekend logs, apes! See to it that they get a decent clue tomorrow, don't make it too easy though. If we make it too easy they won't arrive as excited as the mice did. So you know, we are using the one H already hid inside the website: the Uncle Freddy's Quote we planted shortly after we thought they were some sort of hacker brigade from the arse-end of he internet? It's been there since a few hours after we launched and by the looks of things they haven't used it once. What is there 400+ trialists now? I am nearly done with the limbic system video. Should be finished before the night is out, we will start with that and see how the ten respond. Enjoy that coffee! B

3rd May

Inter 03-05

4th May

Inter - 05-05
Inter - 04-05

5th May

Inter 05-05

6th May

Inter 06-05

Hi Angel, You have gone through a lot of coffee. I feel that these trialists are as addictive to observe, as my home baked Colombian arabica, it would seem! Really pleased with the results coming in. I have made a watch list:- IP Address: IP Address: IP Address: IP Address: IP Address: IP Address: IP Address: Have fun with them! Dr B

8th May

Inter 08-05 p2

I have been working flat out all night on this one. H sent over what you had already done with the limbic system video, I'm not sure on it. I have been told to use the level 1 password, which I think is a good idea. I have the video embedded (use the same password again) but I don't know, please take a look. I will get back to working on this later in the week. We received nearly two hundred Beta 2.0 results, so I'd like to get done working with those and then see if that data could in any way help us to get this perfect. Please continue to follow up with the IP's I sent, if I need any help here I'll shot you a request. Let me know what your thoughts are, perhaps this too much too soon. B

Inter - 08-05

A, Tell me you're seeing these password attempts coming in? Just random nonsense. Haven't these idiots got anything better to do? I am removing the page until these teenage pistons can keep their fingers in their pockets. B

9th May

Inter 09-05

Add to this whenever you want, we need to keep building this to keep the pesky idiots out of our trials before they are ready. Thx

11th May

11th May

Dr B, The new trialists don't seem to be doing much in terms of social interaction, I have noticed hardly any of them doing anything to help each other, and the password attempts so far have shown that none of them have linked up with the others, yet – which is a good thing for us! I will starve them of information for the rest of the week, let's see if they surprise us and form a group or something. To be honest, I don't have much hope for these newbies / pathetic apes. Bring back the mice ANY DAY! Any changes, I'll let you know. Best, A

12th May

Inter 12-05

Managed to get our VPN back online. H is a hero! We are nearly there with the first trial. Password level 1 is now set-up, it took a while to generate, but it is now there on the page. Remember how the mice responded? This is going to be a slow burn. Not sure if you are aware, the lab's camera went missing just before we docked, if you find it, leave it outside my cabin. Thanks! Dr Brontis

15th May


Angel, Take a look at the attempts made over the weekend, I have created a note of them on the board in the lab. It's as if they simply think that this is some sort of hackathon? Ha! Not one of these passwords, you'll see when you look, are remotely connected to the clue we gave them. It is such a strange way that they seem to be working. To say that they are miles off is an absolute understatement! I'll be back today for the reset. I have been told to monitor the general collective interaction aspect, so far all we have seen is a buunch of hackers trying to second guess and completly forget the clues we have pointed out to them – working together at this stage is starting to feel like a pipedream. Dr Brontis

22nd May

Inter - 22-05

These are great Angel! We only have the VPN for a few hours while we skim this coastline. Still nothing from the satellite internet, H is doing all he can. B On Mon, May 22,2017 at 9:15 PM, Angel Milton < Wrote: Dear Trialist, Could you please reply back to this email by telling us the answers to the following questions... 1. Are you excited by life? 2. Do you believe in love? 3. If you could give anything you wanted without your identity being revealed, what would you give? Thanks!

23rd May
Inter 23-05

Angel, We are getting somewhere, finally getting somewhere! We have two trialists both with the same blood type, both with very similar personalities, connecting across hundreds of miles – it appears that they are also completely unaware of this! Your analysis has really helped me to lower the fears that this was taking too long. I just hope that this is the first sign of their network finally coming together. There are still lots of half empties in there, many quite aggressive, quite self-serving by what I can see the group is helping these individuals to see beyond their own nonsense. I know we were thinking a long time, but hopefully, this might mean months, possibly weeks, for the second trial to begin. A very happy Dr Brontis ps. Two bags fine roast, second draw down from my terminal.

25th May

Inter 26-05

A, Pleased to see you back on the black gold this morning. Sorry for the breaking in the night, we have made some excellent headway. I have just been up-deck. If you get the chance, take a look. The sea is looking lovely in this glorious weather! I will leave you a few more bags from my private stash for you to drink over the weekend. Thank you again for covering, the helicopter is taking us over to The Rock for more supplies. Looks like you and the big man will have the ship to yourselves, he is working on a video for the new trialists but seems fairly stressed, just a word like what we have talked about before it might be a good idea to stay out of his way. What does he always say? Stay safe ;) Dr B

26th May

Intercept 26-05

Thanks Angel, See you in a few days. On Fri, May 26, 2017 at 2:38PM, Angel Milton <> wrote: Oh and btw... stay safe! hehehe On Fri, May 26, 2017 at 2:36PM, Angel Milton <> wrote: Dr B. Safe trip!! H told me that we are remotely connected to this server back in Valencia, while we are out here in the strait anchored, for something like only 10 hours? I am not sure my Gen Z brain is going to cope without the internet Dr B!!! Hehe, anyways, good luck finding us another server, and best of luck with getting us all some more delicious coffee, hopefully, a coffee connoisseur like you will be able to hunt out what we are all looking for.  See you when you get back! A On Fri, May 26, 2017 at 1:54 PM, Security F&J <> wrote: 

30th May
Inter 30-05

A, Add to this Seattle, and Skiatook Lake. A grand total of five. I hear what you are saying about the quality, the good news is that two of these are AB +  Motoring on. Let's see if we can get the girls to find out whatever the hell that nurse is calling themselves in their little group. I'd like to have that ape flushed out by the end of the week - everything is stalling until we get them out of F&J. Then we will plant one that we can actually trust this time. Would you like to go next? I know how much you'd like that.  Sweet dreams,  Dr B


28th April
Angel dr b april 28 apes not know

Dr Brontis, As you are duty this weekend, I thought I would bring to your attention one of the sites I am observing / running. The new people seem very quick to question, which leads me to believe that they have come from somewhere a little odd - they are obsessed with asking me questions after questions. The most worrying is that I feel I might be getting manipulated by some of them, there appears to be a bunch of self proclaiming would be elites. Who have formed around this makeshift leader going by the name Reuben Shion. Earlier today I took the liberty to distract Reuben while I did some investigating. They certainly aren't doing a good job reaching out to others. I'd go so far as to say that they are excluding others. As smart as they think they might be they are also gullible, taking the bait to leave their terminals whenever I ask. I don't expect that they are anywhere near, they see themselves as the most important, especially this self entitled Reuben. While he was away, hehe, I took a closer look into what they are doing, and where they have all come from. I couldn't quite get to the bottom of it but I know that they are keeping tight, and not necessarily working as an entire unit. Which is very good for us! Looking forward to the handover on Monday, these apes don't know what's coming to them. Angel

29th April
Int - 29-05

Hello Angel, I agree. It is as if they are here for fun, it is nice to see that they have a community spirit about them but that is about it. There isn't much leadership by the looks of things. They haven't noticed anything, I would say, not much at all. The trialists seem to be less concerned about working together and more concerned with asking you questions, it is as if they are after something from us. Like I have mentioned, don't worry yourself too much, especially by all the loudmouths, those ones are just being erratic and nonsensical - you are right to ignore them. You know what these internet types can be like, they lack organisation and mostly run on emotion. I'll have more for you as I observe them over the weekend. Don't worry they aren't working together to figure anything out. When they do we'll be sure to deal with it. Have a good weekend, B