A quadruple waterjet powered fully modified super yacht made by the ship builder rodriquez yachts. F&J are currently onboard sailing to various ports. They have so far docked in Tokyo, Gibraltor are believed to be in Portsmouth.

An message was received from t, informing trialists that all passengers on the yacht were unwell.

Angel sent an email to four trialists telling them she had broken into the bridge and called the coast guard for help.

Contents provided by Angel on 21st June 2017 via Facebook message:

  • Lab equipment, lots and lots of it
  • Cleaning products, mainly in the galley
  • a bottle of D20 in the dinning area
  • Hose pipe.
  • Bag of tools.
  • The dingy/rib with key.
  • 4 lab jackets.
  • The keys to the 6 cabins (private quarters all locked).
  • A lot of rope, red rope, green rope and a really long, thick ans heavy black rope.
  • Black fenders, 8 i think
  • 2 Wetsuits one black one and one blue one.
  • A survival guide with a picture of a mountain, some trees and the sea on the front cover.
  • 12 life jackets
  • 1 life raft
  • 4 boxes of flares, 6 in a pack.
  • 1 world cork map with pins in it.
  • 6 or 7 sets of papers, i had a look through these and they seem to be papers for entering national waters for different regions.
  • A wooden box, locked no keys.