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Welcome Page

Welcome to the home page of Friedrich & John Pharmaceutical Group PLC, for nearly one hundred years we have been the leading voice in cutting edge medical research, providing fundamental leaps in medical technology and human well-being.

Our History

For nearly 100 years Friedrich and John have supplied some of the greatest advancements in medical science. Through our people, our projects and our three phase medical trials we have led as the pioneers of medical technology.

Located in ten cities around the world, our facilities provide the perfect state of the art technologies inside some of the most advanced medical locations on earth.

Our Unique Approach

We scour the world for new and groundbreaking treatments. Our focus has always been on eliminating the ailments that make for a painful death. Not just painful for the patient but painful for the family too. From the depths of scientific discovery to the fringes of scientific creativity, F&J Pharma has pushed the envelope into what we understand to be modern day science and medical engineering.

Phase Studies

Phase Studies Here is a list of our current clinical trial’s, all of which are currently open for entry.

  • Surtsey1977 – will be starting May ’17
  • FrigFraya – starting March ’18
  • OdinSif – Starting April ’19
  • Balder2001 – Starting Fall 2020

If you are interested in enrolling into one of these programs, please fill in the form below. Please note, trials will begin once capacity has been reached. Each trial has a separate maximum participant count…



Blood Type(required)

Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)(required)

Studies - please pick your desired trial *(applying for multiple trials will disqualify you, as will applying for the wrong one).(required)


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Changes to Website

A number of revisions have been made.

5 June 2017 - There has been an update to the Phase Studies page on the F&J Site. Changes include:

  • Trial dates removed
  • Text aded - "If you are interested in enrolling into one of these programs, please fill in the form below. Please note, will be contacted on a 48hr rotation, please be patient while we process your application…"
  • text added - "Surtsey1977 (recommended for new trialists)"
June 5 phase studies webpage