Friedrich and John Pharmaceuticals conducts clinical trials. Also called Beta Trials and Phase Studies.

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Here is a list of our current clinical trial’s, all of which are currently open for entry, only one of them will be starting very soon. If you are interested in enrolling into one of these programs, please fill in the form below. Please note, trials will begin once capacity has been reached. Each trial has a separate maximum participant count…

A Plea For Help

The Mushroom Film Group created A Plea for Help web page that mentions the F&J trials. They have a friend/co-worker, T, who is connected to the F&J trials and needs help. The page discusses the trials and encourages people to join the trials and the key is joining the one that T may be a part of, which can be determined by looking at the story told on the Plea for Help page and then the name of the trials.

Plea for Help Website Transcript

The company on the headed paper is Friedrich & John Pharma. A large organisation listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, at first we were unable to work out a way into their back system, but we think there might be a way if we take the advice of the note by enlisting ourselves into their latest medical trial.

The training tape enclosed was an old BETA MAX tape, it seemed pristine, but when we finally managed to play it, it was badly damaged. One of our company’s post-production people managed to get it up onto digital, but even then it is still glitchy and confusing. After working on the tape our editor took an extended period of absence and has since resigned from Lift-Off Global Network.

Not one of us is a code breaker, hacker or whatever else, and for this trial, F&J Pharma is looking exclusively for “talented individuals”. Our decision to place the video into the public domain and match up the password of this site to the hidden message in the tape was no coincidence.
This is the website if you are interested in helping us – we are certain that they are currently taking applicants and that the full trial will start soon. We have reason to suspect that the trial involves not just our co-worker but also the mushroom. Do some investigations yourself and you’ll know exactly which trial to apply for. After you have applied, we are certain that you’ll get contacted by one of the scientists ‘on the inside’ – when that happens you’ll know what to do.
After you have applied. There are already a few teams out there working with us. Around the clock devoted trialists keep tabs on F&J, entering their trials like total heroes and reporting back to Mushroom their findings.  At times they are also receiving intercepted messages between the key F&J Staff (listed below) and have been communicating sporadically direct with our man on the inside known as “T”.
< At this present time, it is unsure just how much trouble “T” has found himself in. We understand that a trialist had naively mentioned T when commenting on the F&J website. This action apparently pushed “T” further underground, but after a week of not hearing anything from him he managed to send to out to some trialists, we believe picked at random, a coded cypher that expired in two hours from its delivery. This was unlike anything we had ever seen and the trialists worked around the clock to decode it. It turns out that “T” was alive but not necessarily safe – his cover had been slightly blown and was now under heavy surveillance, with very limited internet, and unable to communicate conventionally.
We have been able to get a trialist in on the inside to leak out email addresses of those enlisted onto the correct trial. As often as we can we are sending out email guides that give instruction on how to help us to get more trialists for the trials, but also how trialists may be able to find one another once they are set-up.
Those are the details we are able to fill you in on at this time. What we understand is that Angel is sending out invitations to new trialists to join their initial beta trials. If you hurry you might get onto the next one. We highly recommend that you link up with others, either by finding a current group or creating a new one group that deals with both us and the key characters as one unit. Once we have intercepted your email from F&J we will send out details on how to find one another.
Be sure to head to their website and complete the phase study application, after that has happened please be patient and be sure to keep checking your spam – applications for new trialists may take a few days to process, but you will be contacted.