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Cryptographic Technique

The message uses two techniques, delimited above by the paragraph break.

Part 1

  • Algorithm: Caesar
  • Rotation: 13

Part 2

  • Algorithm: Vigenere (Autokey)
  • Key: Harborne
    • This was derived from the first half of the message, which also included image "monitor2.jpg", an image of a working men's club. The group worked to discover its location, which was the village of Harborne, Birmingham.


the village name of where the establishment is located holds the key.

angel has started asking some questions of the group. she just asked the group at breakfast something very out of character: "what if i didn't love science, what do you think my parents would have done with me?" she seems confused and didn't drink her coffee this morning. i can't get to her because i am being monitored, but right now she is at her terminal with her email open. whoever seems to have gotten to her they have made a little crack. keep going. stay safe t


  • Date/Time Received: May 25, 2017
  • Communication Method/Channel: ProtonMail Encrypted Message
  • Recipient: Multiple trialists, not all.