December 22 2017, a series of events occurred resulting in a "dimensional shift" that left many of the F&J pages gone, shifted or altered.

Steps Leading to the Shift

Trialists were told something was going to happen December 22, 2017

Leading to shift 1-0

Angel posted to her Facebook page on December 21, 2017 - the words are from a sonnet by John Milton -

Angel post dec 21

When I consider how my light is spent...  Happy Winter Solace. From tomorrow there will be change and new beginnings for all of us. But fear not, for where there is the shortest period of darkness on this day, in other worlds they are basking in sunny skies.

The Shift

A number of trialists were working with Theo to bring Ettore from the trapped MISIM dimensional terminal.

Effects of the Shift

Mushroom, F&J, Lift-Off and others were affected by the shifting events.

1. The Mushroom Pages on the Lift-Off Festivals website do not exist.

2. The F&J Twitter account is gone. A new Twitter Account began tweeting - Masons R' US which changed on Dec. 29 to || X |||| XX XO XOX XX || @onehundredn8

3. The F&J Main Web Page was removed and a different site is at the URL.

4. The F&J Facebook page is gone, Angel Milton's FB page is gone and the Friends of F&J FB page is gone.

Fb friends of F and J page gone
Fb F and J page gone

5. The Mushroom Film group does not know anything and thinks this is all just a film idea.

Mushroom fb post dec 22