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Initial Welcome Email from Angel

When registering for the Surtsey1977 trial, people received the following email with either a 00001 or 00002 at the top (representing different trial sets)



Dear Participants,

My name is Angel, I am a Junior Research Biologist at F&J, and your only point of contact for the Surtsey1977 trial. I am also the person who will be inviting you all to our new secured Facebook Group "Friends of Friedrich & John Pharma". This is a location where people who are enlisted onto Surtsey may interact with one another, welcome new members, ask any questions and be questioned by our organisation direct - via myself.

This trial is of the highest importance to the people at F&J, we currently have ten sites entering completion on set-up, based all around the world. These sites each have a quota for applications and our funding requires that at least ten thousand applicants to be given 'first consumption' when the trial begins.

Getting ten thousand mice together was very simple. Getting the same amount of humans together could be a logistical nightmare. I will keep adding new participants from the applications to the group on a daily basis where possible (I don't work weekends). We expect everyone to welcome them all. F&J has a reputation for being welcoming and friendly. We expect the same type of attitudes from our trialists.

As a participant you are a brand ambassador, please act accordingly. Anyone whose behaviour is deemed to not be suitable will be immediately removed from the group and the trial.

If you have not received your invite to the group, please wait, or re-enter your information back on the initial application making sure you enter your associated Facebook email, that will get you onto the next cycle. The group is private and only those registered onto the Surtsey1977 clinical trial may enter it. I am a member there, so I look forward to welcoming you all - metaphorically: face to face.

Applications appear to be slowing down which is not acceptable, at this stage we should be receiving a lot more. If you know people who are bright and care about the genuine future of our species then feel free to invite them to apply.

This trial has the ability to change the world, we are all embarking on a journey that has the potential to be totally incredible.

We are just a few steps closer to waking into the dawn of a new universal consciousness.

Let's get this trial launched!


Angel Milton Junior Research Biologist Friedrich & John Pharmaceutical Group PLC

Angel to Dr. B April 28

Complete Email Thread

Angel dr b april 28 apes not know


10 Initial Beta Trialists

Angel dr b email handover May 1

Hope your weekend was better than mine?

I spent the best part working with H to get the website in order. The webmasters have started with the trial pages but I am not happy with them. I am glad all the doctors are working with this but it does have its drawbacks. I think we are nearly there with the calibrate page but I keep noticing differences in the rest. Are we the only ones with access to the site? 

I think you made the right choice in removing yourself from FB to see what they would do. The chatter slowed a lot. It is odd to think that these people are all sat at their terminals waiting for something to happen. Little do they realise that things have already begun!

Handover 1/4/17

I didn't notice any of the strange behaviour you mentioned. Certainly no more from ReubenO-29101994. I have made a shortlist of the trialists I would watch, just based on what we can see in regards to their general activities:- 











Bearing in mind that social enthusiasm was a huge factor with the mice, these human trialists should be sent to 'beta the calibration', once I am happy with H's work. When H is done, and I am 100%, I will send you the link - forward it to these by email. We don't want to flood the test by adding others at this stage - besides these trialists seem to be the best initial candidates. 

I will now be working on developing the password gateway, we need these selected trialists to have their frontal lobes on fire before they start.

In the meantime stay silent and simply watch them.

I will be in touch soon, have a great week.



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