Angel Milton Facebook Profile Dossier


  • is being drugged by Dr. Brontis via coffee
  • likes older tunes
  • the cure, sisters of mercy, type negative O
  • favourite song right now Wolf Moon
  • related to CEO of F&J
  • working in bio science since 12
  • got bSC at 13
  • youngest ever student to receive PHD
  • went to trinity college
  • doesn’t feel gets sympathy from others especially those who think they are particularly gifted too
  • feels people step on her toes
  • forgets she writes things when off coffee
  • fav colour black
  • fav animal whale
  • likes Banksy street art - claims to have a piece
  • ON June 12 posted to Facebook trying to reach out and get help. The conversation was deleted, but screenshots were made.

Correspondence From Angel

Angel favorite music and current sound april 28
  • Angel's favourite colour
Angel favorite color black may 8
Help welcome first angel sign with x april 28
  • Needs to go offline for a few and signs it Ax
Angel going offline for a bit A x may 10
  • Asked trialists to create a sense of community through the FB group.
Angel welcome people in fb group april 28
Angel welcome people in fb group april 28 2
Angel reply community is massive factor may 10
  • Mentioned the initial email sent out by F&J when people registered for the trials
Angel email brought people to fb group april 28
  • Mentioned using only first initial
Angel reply about nda and first initials april 28
  • Discussed sending PM on FB and needing to friend Angel along with the phrase dig deeper
Angel isabella friend request and dig deeper april 28
  • Tries to find how trialists are coming to the trial
Facebook ad april 28
  • Makes a mention of testing a material found in the 70s (could be the same mushrooms referenced by Mushroom Film Group in A Plea For Help
Angel reply what testing 70s mention april 27
  • Angel uses phrase "Are you all ready to breach from the pools of our own captivity?"
Angel reply about breach captivity april 28
  • Angel asks about secret chat groups
Angel reply about secret chat groups april 28
  • She mentions why are people saying stay safe, a phrase T used in emails
Angelask about stay safe phrase april 28
  • Mentions trial closing end of May and only point of contact for the trialists
Angel reply trial closing end of may and only contact may 10

Notes from Emails

Notes from Player Chats

Background information received through a private email with one of the trialists.

Angel Private Email 1