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April 2017

7 April - A Plea For Help Page is published on the Lift-Off Festival website.

12 April- Mushroom Film Group publishes mushroom - training video 1 on its YouTube channel.

After the video is published, people find the Training Video through assorted rabbitholes (reddit posts, unforum posts, facebook). A link to is located in the Video's description. This website leads to the Mushroom Film page on the Lift-off Festival web site. There is a link for those having found the video from the training video. The link takes people to the Plea for Help page (which is password protected, the password coming from the training video) where the Mushroom Film Group talks about where the training video came from and asking for help in freeing T and finding out more about a company called Friedrich and John Pharmaceutical (F&J) They ask people to go to the F&J site and register for the trials, then to watch their email for more information. The page also mentions a Discord group, Angel Milton and Dr. Brontis. Signing up for the trial triggers a few different emails, one from Angel and F&J and another from Mushroom/T with instructions on how to join the other trialists chatting in a Discord group and a Facebook group.

After signing up for the Beta Clinical Trials, people begin receiving emails. Some from Angel Milton with F&J and some from T.

25 April - People interacted with the Mushroom Film Group through their Facebook Page. They talk about an upcoming trial a missing employee.

26 April -

27 April -

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30 April -