Angel to Dr. B April 28

Angel dr b april 28 apes not know
Dr Brontis,

As you are duty this weekend, I thought I would bring to your attention one of the sites I am observing / running.

The new people seem very quick to question, which leads me to believe that they have come from somewhere a little odd - they are obsessed with asking me questions after questions.

The most worrying, is that I feel I might be getting manipulated by some of them, there appears to be a bunch of self proclaiming would be elites. Who have formed around this makeshift leader going by the name Reuben Shion. Earlier today I took the liberty to distract Reuben while I did some investigating. They certainly aren't doing a good job reaching out to others, I'd go as far as to say that they are excluding others.

As smart as they think they might be they are also gullible, taking the bait to leave their terminals, whenever I ask. I don't expect that they are anywhere near, they see themselves as the most important, especially this self entitled Reuben. While he was away, hehe, I took a closer look into what they are doing, and where they have all come from. I couldn't quite get to the bottom of it but I know that they are keeping tight, and not necessarily working as an entire unit.

Which is very good for us!

Looking forward to the handover on Monday, these apes don't know what's coming to them.


Dr b reply to angel april 28 apes not know
Hello Angel,

I agree. It is as if they are here for fun, it is nice to see that they have a community spirit about them but that is about it. There isn't much leadership by the looks of things. They haven't noticed anything, I would say, not much at all.

The trialists seem to be less concerned about working together and more concerned with asking you questions, it is as if they are after something from us. Like I have mentioned, don't worry yourself too much, especially by and of the loudmouths, those ones are just being erratic and nonsensical - you are right to ignore them. You know what these internet types can be like, they lack organisation and mostly run on emotion.

I'll have more for you as I observe them over the weekend. Don't worry they aren't working together to figure anything out.

When they do we'll be sure to deal with it.

Have a food weekend,